Hooah! I think…

So I got rocked out of bed this morning with a giant bomb going off in the middle of the night as the local military base sounded the super all clear out of Iraq. I’m mixed on this whole idea.

First of all, I have to admit, every time they do these “Hooah Bombs,” I get a little tingle because I love the concept. They do them when everyone from a particular combat group stationed at the base is cleared and out of there into Germany or Kuwait. The one tonight was extra super big. Loved it even if it knocked me out of bed.

But I worry about whether it’s really over. I have serious concerns. Are we getting rid of combat troops just to appease people like me that never thought it should have happened in the first place? Because, if that’s the thinking, I would sound like the biggest dumbshit voter ever…I hated the Iraq war, I want to see it end, but I also want to back up the fact we fucked up with making sure that leaving doesn’t fuck it up even more. It’s the old thing of what do you do if your kid breaks a vase in the fancy ceramics store, you can’t just say, “I didn’t do it; not my fault, blame little Tommy two-year-old” and then scamper out and pretend it didn’t happen.

But here’s the thing…I give President Obama the gonads award for TRYING to make having all of those combat troops home by Christmas actually happen. I trust that even though those troops being saluted by that giant bomb this morning are all clear, we’re not really “done” helping with the clean up and we get that whole part of Geor…er, Tommy’s little mess.

You can be the biggest liberal or conservative in the world right now, but you have to admit, the military is in better hands under Obama/Hillary than it was before.

So here’s my point…I would run the Obama campaign this year by using a mix of the scare tactics of the Republicans in 1984 and 2008. Ronald Reagan asked in 1984: “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” In 2008, it was all about the fear that the world would collapse with the junior Senator from Illinois being elected POTUS.

So, here is the question that President Obama should pose to get around the economy crap…

“Do you feel safer than you did four years ago?”

Think about it. Just a flat out challenge. He can say that he knows the economy is blah bah blah…but he was a better war POTUS than any of the yahoos could hope to be at this point. He had two giant messes, and security of the country trumps job growth and Wall Street.

OK, I get there are big flaws in that, but you have to admit…do you feel safer than you did four years ago with us doing what we said we’d do and getting out of Iraq, most of the major commanders of Al Quida dead, diplomacy in the the Pacific making China squirm, our allies in Europe needing us more than ever to cover their asses?

Pick any of the front runners in on the Republican side, and their is no way Obama doesn’t win that question. And then they can try to bring it back to the economy, and if I were POTUS Obama, I’d say “It’s your economy, stupids.”

So, yeah, I got rocked out of bed by a giant firecracker. And yes, I worry about whether it’s too soon or what’s going to happen, but I have to admit…”HOOAH!” That war is over. And I feel a little safer because of it.


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