Rumors of the demise of this blog are greatly…

I’ve been really busy the last couple of months with work and travel. But I made a Thanksgiving vow to re-dedicate myself to blogging.

There’s not a lot that I am hip on in the world, but one thing I do well is write during a presidential election year. I’ve been a political wonk ever since I was ┬áJesse Jackson delegate from Washington in 1988 and even made it one of my majors in college. Of course, my other thing is sports. (And actually, technically, I have a BS in Speech Therapy that has resulted in nothing more than cool words playing Scrabble.)

Anyway, this is kicking off the year of Eric being political and fun on this blog with some sports mixed in.

For a brief while, I was using Twitter and Facebook to throw very short thoughts around about some of this stuff, and then that experiment wilted on the vine because I write too long and it feels intrusive on my 45 friends and followers. So screw that…

The other thing that tripped me up was getting my life moved over to being Apple-centric for work and pleasure. Let’s just say that I lost a bunch of passwords and bookmarks, and I felt much less hip than I deserved to feel after biting the Apple.

So, in the next week, there is going to be what can be considered sort of a re-launch of

I know when I do write regularly, people read it…I can tell by reading all of the comments that I don’t moderate which aren’t spam. ┬áBut I also have learned something from my social network experiments…it’s kind of fun to have people make comments. Which leads to a little more work if I want to take it seriously.

The other thing that I have been really interested in is doing an audio podcast. I would be a really good podcast host. We’ll see…my first priority to to try and set aside regular times to actually write.

Speaking of which…

I LOVE the idea that a muslim who was born in Pakistan is buying the Jacksonville Jaguars NFL team! A city in Florida is going to be held hostage by a Pakistani Muslim from Chicago over moving the team to Los Angeles. It’s got to be one of the most beautiful story arcs that could possibly play out over the next couple of years!

Best part of it all of was that the Jags owner said he purposely sold to someone with “no ties to L.A.” HAHAHAHAHA! You know what is the tie to LA and football for every single billionaire in the United States?


This is so much like how the NBA Sonics ended up in OKC that it’s not funny or even entertaining.

But let’s get back to the fun in the whole thing…the guy from Pakistan, a muslim, is going to be holding all of the cards in one of the most bible belt Florida cities in the entire universe of right-wind Christian zealots. I’m interested just to watch the train wreck when he starts making demands for stadium changes/improvements, blah blah blah…

Speaking of demands…Herman Cain demanded that the women prove he did ANYTHING. I actually watched that interview live with Wolf Blitzer, and I thought, “Oh, shit, he just pulled a Gary Heart. Poor Herm.”

Now we know what it meant to his campaign and should be a lesson to all politicians: Don’t piss off the decade-long mistress by acting like their accusations are their problems, not yours.

Gary Heart challenged the media to follow him all the way to “Monkey Business.” (Just as an aside…Gary Heart actually, probably, would have been a very Clinton-like guy eight years early. He was a wonk, a ladies’ man, and young and brash.)

So what should have Cain done?

Uh, probably not much. He might be doing the correct thing and ending this book tour early. If I were a good campaign wonk for hire, I wouldn’t touch him with a 38-and-a-half-foot pole even if he won Iowa and New Hampshire and went down south. He’s toast.

I’ll save Newt and Mitt for later.

But I really want to make it clear. I look at running for POTUS like playing a combined game of Risk and Monopoly. If you check in here every few days or once a week, I won’t be railing on things from a left or right bent, per se. I am a pretty conservative liberal. A good old fashioned Rockefeller Republican from when that meant something, I suppose. Or maybe a Johnson Democrat. I’m old school. I don’t think any side has any moral or writ authority to be superior.

So here’s what I promise during the next year…lots of sports and politics. I will try and be very regular with posts and dutifully cary my laptop and camera around. (Speaking of which, I need to learn this new version of WordPress, and how to upload stuff.) You’ll also get some funny little stories about things that happen to me along the way.

I’m also going to try and manage comments and play with that. (This is actually gigantic on my part…I’m admitting I am a writer, and I write a lot, and it’s ok that other people discuss what I write.)

Give me a week or two. To get the beat figured out of how it all works.



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