Let’s try this…

A friend of mine had car troubles today and it reminded me of a very funny story using AAA.


With my plan, that I have had since 1989, you get 100 miles of towing. I screwed up my brakes in the Ozarks driving a 1979 Honda Prelude. I was grossly overweight for the little beast, and I burned my clutch and my brakes out heading on the downside of the hills towards Ft. Smith (or there abouts).


But we were on our way to Boston via Atlanta from Tacoma. So the AAA wrecker showed up, and in the time we waited for him we realized that this was like a free pass to Little Rock. And then we used AAA again for a free pass to someplace in Missouri. (That’s a long story.) but we went almost exactly 200 miles getting towed just to keep advancing to flat ground. Once we were flat, I could use the emergency brake and what was left of the clutch to limp into Birmingham to get everything fixed.


Still makes me chuckle. The look on that poor driver’s face in the mountains when I told him that he had to tow me 100 miles.

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