My ballot is signed, sealed, and just waiting for a trip to the mailbox.

It took about two hours over a couple of weeks for R&D on everything, plus just years of general impressions. It’s kind of an eclectic mix, but it’s well thought out, I think. I was trying to measure it, and I think I am about 50-50 between everything, but I wasn’t shooting for that at all. I was just kind of looking at the ballot as a whole opus of November 2008. I’m an interesting voter, IMHO.

The weird thing was that our local elections were “ranked voting.” This forced me to actually look at all the candidates and really figure out who to put in the second and third slots. Basically, we all vote for our top three in order and the winner is the one that eventually gathers the most moss, er, votes as everything lumps together. In Washington we hate parties because we are founded on the grange system…the grandfather of the caucus kind of, I guess. We just don’t want to tell anyone what “party” we are, and then we have gone all the way to the Supreme Court to keep from having to do such a silly thing. The idea is that I can participate in the process for both parties, as long as I vote for one candidate one time. That’s about as simple as I can put it.

I really liked the ranked-choice voting. It did make me read more and make a few more phone calls before I filled out the ballot.

The other thing that rocks is that I like watching TV, having all my voter stuff, and sitting in my own space to do it. Why every county in the country just doesn’t do mail-ins as their primary way of voting, I will never understand.

So, my election day is over. The ballot is sealed. Two years of listening to crap, and I am now going on a two-week vacation from politics because the only vote I ever could really control was my own.

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