The Delegate Fight

OK…I need to admit something…I kind of look forward to a convention as entertainment while nearly as many Clinton delegates as Obama delegates descend on Denver. They are going to fight over a bunch of stuff, right up to nominating the VP. For a political wonk, this is pretty cool.

I am getting a little more convinced that Hillary might be angling for VP everyday. I mean, with enough delegates, she could really gum the hell up out of the system during the convention, but only if she suspends the campaign after the last primary and doesn’t admit defeat going to the Mile High City.

Pretty gutsy move if she goes for it. She would be saying she was not going to be POTUS but that I will take all of my delegates to the convention, thank you very much. Then that lets Obama start the general election campaign next week just fine. It’s gutsy because it is both humble and powerful…could she even do it? Seriously…it’s super risky.

Think of Clinton pulling into Denver with all of her earned delegates, and a bunch of people that feel a little sheepish about switching allegiance to Obama.

I kind of think she is going to run to be President of the Senate. And I think she is screwing Obama into a corner, because, if she wants it, she can get a plurality of delegates at the convention for VP.

Hey, I am just just an armchair pundit…not nearly as good as all those people on TV.

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