Sticky history

I have been thinking about this a lot, maybe too much lately, but history, the real fun of truth, is a pretty fragile thing.

I was actually playing with my Spanaway theory more tonight, and reading more history books the last few days, and knowing I have a first-person account that it was describing and finger span on a map, it’s more intriguing. Why hasn’t anyone else dug into this at all.

Here’s the problem…I am totally anectdotal evidence because I didn’t do it to record it. I did it because it was just a curiosity that I wanted to satisfy a little. No great David McCollough footnotes…I just think it all fits. A “span” is the length between a thumb and pinky when you spread them out. It fits the maps, it fits the trolley, it fits it all.

But there is a history club someplace, I am sure, that I’d have to prove that to in order to make it “offcial.”


I have always felt that way with the cars. I have been able to meet some of the most amazing people in the history of the automobile in my life, and I have decided that some of them are more accurate than history books. Four times I talked to one famous car person at length about this, and he said something that just hit the nail on the head: “You can’t really prove history because it is just a theory as soon as it’s over.”

Wait…let the gist of that sink in. You can’t prove history…

It’s not technically correct, but I loved the thought.

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