Like a soccer, er, football, er, futbol, addict

I have to admit I watch a lot of soccer on Spanish-language television. I am actually entertained as I watch more of the teams and get familiar with things over the last couple of years.

I know about 25 percent of what the announcers are saying…but I am convinced American audiences would be much more into the sport if they talked with the ugency the Spanish speaking announcers do for an entire game and then got as pissed off at they do over things. I swear, they could talk about the color of a patch of grass and make it sound like Kruschev was pounding a shoe at the U.N. and nuclear war was imminent. You think I’m kidding…watch one sometime.

But that is the thing…they make it all urgent, urgent, URGENT all the time, time, TIME, until someone scores a goal, goal, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. And it’s not irritating because they are really keeping track of everyone and everything at 900 MPH. It’s all info that makes your head spin to keep up with it.

Hence my point…a great baseball announcer does about the same thing. When the player in left field picks some grass to check the wind, a great announcer sees it and is your eyes about where the wind blows.

I’m still one that thinks this game is due to be popular as a major league sport someday in the United States.

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