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Monday, September 12th, 2011

I keep referring to it like it’s a “mid-life crisis.”

But I think there is something about it that makes it different.

Hmmm…how to put this in a context and background in less than 25,000 words…

My wife wants to have another kid. We have tried for 10 years and it’s produced nada. And I am kind of beyond caring or wanting that at this point. Accidents can happen, but I am not planning my life around it or doing anything to really try, per se. Wife is not happy with this approach.

At the same time, my job stuff is really sucking. (Can I just put a giant blow up symbol over that?)

But we both have itches. She wants a second child; I want a more secure job. It’s a chicken and egg problem. (Which is actually funny if you think about it. Ova and…oh, never mind.)

So, I was thinking…what am I best at? I am best at getting elected to something and managing it. Seriously…I am really, really good at politics. Whether it’s high school, or college, or the airport, or a foundation…I can get elected, manage, and get out before anyone thinks poorly/greatly about the fact I did stuff they loved and hated…but I have left everything better than I found it.

So that’s MY itch.

If my wife’s itch is another kid, mine is running for a bigger office. These are the great equalizers. She does not want to help me run at this point, and I’m not sure I want to help raise another kid from scratch. ¬†We both have itches that aren’t getting scratched.

Here’s the thing: I think we’re both coming at each itch with the same resolve and I bet that she, as a mom, would be a rockstar to a new baby. I also think I’d be great as an elected official. But maybe that’s just not in the cards. Or maybe it is. That’s the weird time in our lives right now. We have to face the moment of “what are we now that we’re grown up?”

It’s kind of the dog catching the bumper in life and marriage.

(See, that’s funny, too, because the dog would catch the car, lick his balls, and scratch an itch.)