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Stick with me just a little bit longer

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

This blog isn’t dead…in fact, it’s just been driving me nuts because of how close it is to being relaunched as something else entirely new.

Think of it more as a “winter hiatus.”I promise that when it comes back it’s going to be more interesting than ever.

It’s been so bloody busy with travel, holidays, work and football…not to mention Annalaan’s constant schedule.

Speaking of schedules…

I seem to have started two new collections the last couple of years. Gift cards, miles and certificates that can all be applied to airline travel. I blew some of that on going to see the Seahawks-Bears playoff game, but most of it just kind of sits there.

Annalaan’s spring break is coming up, and we have started the annual debate about what we are going to do. This year’s trip, with the freebies added in, really widens the possibilities.

And this is when I learn that my wife is waaaaaaaaay more conservative than I am. I see turmoil in Egypt and think, “Cheap trip to the pyramids in April.” Or if you want a beach, let’s go to Phuket! Silly me even thought, let’s take a couple of Annlaan’s friends to London for a few days. No. No. No.

What I don’t like is that this is rubbing off on my daughter…that every travel scheme I come up with isn’t good just because Pilar doesn’t approve with excitement. I’m not going to waste this trip on something stupid like Cabo, or Cancun or The Bahamas or something. We may as well make it educational, adventurous and fun.

I even figured out how we could go to Beijing with a non-stop first-class ticket for all three of us, and still pay almost nothing. At least go see the Forbidden City! I’ve been there twice! It’s not even adventure travel and it’s a direct non-stop flight from Seattle.

We can do business class to Bondi in Sydney! “Too far.”

Pilar wants to go to a Beach, in April, that is close, where she can just hang out. Code word? Kona. Flsterfuckers if I feel like hanging out in Hawai’i when I can spend a week anywhere else in the world. I love it and all, but it’s a yawner. It’s the place you go to get work done because there isn’t much more exciting stuff to do. I’d love to go there for a couple of weeks and work on somethings. But that’s not vacation.

I’ll go some place I’ve already been, if they haven’t been there AND IT’S MORE INTERESTING THAN ANYTHING IN HAWAI’I. I’ll pay to go to Hawai’i, I just won’t waste precious perks to go there.

Maybe by the time we figure it out, this blog will look like I want it to look.