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I can’t believe I am doing this

Thursday, January 13th, 2011

I went to the Seahawks-Saints game Saturday and had an awesome, awesome time. Really enjoyed it. Not just because they won, but because, over the years, I have just really grown to like football.

I wasn’t always a big football fan. In fact, baseball is still my game. But when we moved farther away from Seattle, it just became silly to keep Mariners season tickets and Seahawks season tickets. So we jettisoned the Mariners.

I hated giving up those baseball seats. First row in left field. The cheapest, best seats in the house. But with Annalaan being born, especially, it just became crazy to think I needed to go to all 81 games and the playoffs.

However, one thing I will forever be thankful for from my wife was the summer of 1996. We went to at least a portion of all 81 home Mariners games. We have box scores to prove it. Sitting in the Kingdome night after night for eight bucks a ticket became our world. It was soooo awesome.

Then they became $10 a ticket in 1997.

Then they became $12 a ticket in 1998.

We have a problem.

By the summer of 1998, I couldn’t justify paying almost 5% of my net salary on Mariners tickets.

The dream was over. I kept our seats into 1999 just to be their with the people round us, who had become friends, for the opening of Safeco Field.

In the middle of all of this, the Seattle Seahawks just sucked.

So I made a deal with my wife…if I can get good football seats, I’ll drop the baseball tickets.

Well, whaddya know. We ended up in the front row, 300-level, end zone of some of the worst football ever in 1998. It was terrible. But Pilar and I were both sucking it up. Her because the games sucked and the team sucked, me because I grew up with crappy baseball and rather enjoyed it over any other sport, frankly.

And then a giant change happened when they moved temporarily into Husky Stadium…my great friend Brian said he would buy two tickets if, IF, we could attach them together. Done and done. So now we were connected and sitting together in the very top of the second-to-last row of Husky Stadium for more shitty football. But we all had each other.

But the thing we really had was our priority number. I had hit the lottery of buying at the lowest point ever for the stock in the Seattle Seahawks. I was faintly aware that there couldn’t have been more than a few thousand before me (sheesh, that was obvious when you could count heads in 1998). But we moved to Husky Stadium, in the nosebleeds, and we were on the 50-yard line. Holy cow! Screw how high up it was…it was sooooo much better than the first row in the end zone.

So we bided our time. And then the call came for our seating at Qwest Field. By then I was working for the museum and kind of scraping the lot. They said I could have four tickets on the 50 in the second tier front row!

Holy crappolly! Oh…for $3,000+ a year each.


So we negotiated. And we ended up with the seats we have today. On the 50 and only semi-nosebleeds for $68 a game.

The Seahawks still aren’t a great team, and there is a lot not to like about their coach (IMHO), but damnit, Pilar and I kept these seats all these years, and have sat through tons of awesome games and some stinkers, but the football bug has grown on me.

Which brings me to Saturday…

I went with my friend Randy because Pilar and Annalaan were sick. We were eating brunch before the game and I said, “You know, if they win, they might play Chicago. You wanna go?”

Randy quickly said he couldn’t swing a trip to Chicago. I understood. Then the Seahawks won. And we were back eating dinner, and it was gnawing at me. Why no go to Chicago? Naaaaaah…

And then Green Bay won. Hmmm…

And then Monday came and I was self-negotiating. I have miles and birthday money. I could actually do this.

But I was still chicken.

Then on Tuesday, I mentioned it to Pilar. She said she didn’t want to go, but she thought I should do it, “As long as you get something from the American Girl on Michigan Avenue.” Seriously? She assured me I had her complete blessing and don’t let the door hit you on the way out…go to the game.

By late Tuesday I was playing lists in my head. Mostly ending in the frequent flier miles I’d give up and dollar signs.

But then I realized…I have no real good reason to not go. I was trying to prove a negative in my head.

So I bought the airplane ticket. My heart was beating 200 beats a minute. I just spent enough miles for two trips to NJ!

Calmer today…I started to find a place to live for a couple of nights. Found it.

So now…I need a ticket. So I cast that net over the rest of the day. I have a good feeling.

But the very best part is that my wife and daughter know exactly why I am doing it, and are completely supportive. Pilar especially; she knows that this isn’t just a cockamamy thing I’m doing on a whim; there have been decades invested in our teams.

Annalaan just wants a doll from American Girl…I know.



Let me get my game legs for the New Year

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

I have a resolution to get back to writing.


I was thinking about it, and I have been writing for other people too much and not enough for me and my little tiny pleasurable corner of the internet.

But first I have to get this website fixed and running correctly.

I was thinking about this today when someone asked why I didn’t stop by to visit “more” or call “enough.” It’s not that I don’t care about the person and love the person, I just never really have a moment of time where I think about that person.

Which is what has been scaring me about my writing for myself lately. I really care and love it, but I just never seem to stop and get on the computer and just write for the fun of writing; which was suppose to be the whole point of this blog. It’s a mistress that is just out of my grasp on a daily basis.

The problem is that writing is like learning to throw a knuckleball in baseball. You are generally really sucky at it when you are young, you keep working on it, and, in baseball years, you perfect it when you’re old. But you have to keep working at it.

So if I write something for somone else, it feels easy. I can do that. I have a New YEar’s resolution to get back to spending time every (most) days writing for me.