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Early snow!

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

img00050-20101122-1402.jpgAnnalaan was home from school today because of the snow. It was really our call…the school was opening two hours late and, frankly, neither Pilar or I wanted to fuss with the half-day hassle on a Monday.

But it’s also just kind of fun to have a snow day during Thanksgiving week.

Here’s the thing about snow around here…we play in it a ridiculous amount when it’s up in the mountains. We, as a Puget Sound collective, don’t handle it very well on the day-to-day. It’s a fickle mistress that is kept in the next town over, and we just want to choose when we want to drive an hour to get some snow nookie, we’d really rather not have it on our commutes to work or school.

 I don’t mind because my current commute is seven steps out the back door


Blowing into the microphone with a new computer…babble

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010

I’ve had the MacBook for a week, and I am really starting to like it as we go through sea trials and shakedowns. One of the big problems is that I use different programs on my laptops than I do on my desktops.


See, I use WordPress and I need to remember how to use it a scooch different with the very newest Apple operating system. I need to hit one of the format buttons before I start, or else it doesn’t recognize a hard return.

I really do have a lot to say. It’s just taking longer for me to say it than I would have hoped because my mind is thinking about other writing things. Lame, I know.

So I figured I could at least babble for a bitsy bit…

I am not good enough with the MacBook yet to be a master and doing links and things, but I can tell you this about my review so far: I like it much better than the iMac which is twice as expensive, 10-times as big, and has the dumbest keyboard ever…and also is what I need to do most of my actual work on.

On the MacBook, I can see using it on airplane or fiddling in some coffee shop. On the iMac, it feels like I am stuck editing and writing in an office, which I am. Don’t get me wrong, because I love my office, but it just feels so “officey.” The little MacBook can be just whipped out and started up in 30 seconds.

But it marks the third passing of the week for me. I know, it always comes in threes…

First was our cat Rabin, then was my old Dell laptop and the third was my youth.

Rabin showed up at our doorstep 15 years ago. She was old enough to have a giant chunk of ear missing from a bite and to be fully healed. I’ve written about her before. She was the warrior pet. She moved around with us from place to place, bitched at all the other pets enough to scare them, but not hate her, and mostly was like an old lap dog at the end. Well, she didn’t make it to the litter box two days in a row last week.

This was a process that had been coming. We know she wasn’t in any pain (confirmed by doctors and, besides, she would have told us) but she had heart issues. Our poor, old super trooper was loosing her breath to the point she spent 24 hours sleeping with her head in the food bowl.

Now, if any of you reading this do living wills and make either Pilar, Annalaan or I in charge of your final decisions…I think our philosophy can be summe up here. If you qut talking and can’t take a shit in the right place…we’re in a DNR situation.

So we took Rabin in and put her to sleep.

I am a giant believer in the fact that owning a pet is a cradle-to-grave endeavor. So every one I have had to put down I have held and comforted during the process.

Let me be frank about this…I have never seen an animal drop dead faster than Rabin. Holy crap! Her head made a thud through half a syringe of the stuff. Wow!

I should have been all sad and sentimental and stuff…but watching how quickly she died, I actually felt really good. Yes, the other thoughts of usual surrounding killing a pet were there, but the fact was, this fucking cat was clawing to her third decade, and we waited until she had given up, too. Her thud was very peaceful. This was a cat that worked so hard to just take a shit and eat every day.

The next one is going to be the hardest ever. Because we are down to the hardy stock that have all been around since Annalaan was born.

Speaking of hardy stock…

I am going to miss my Dell Inspiron. It’s not completely dead…it’s just kind of a hard drive that I’ll pick at and salvage. It’s ultimate end was related to working too late at night and breaking the keyboard for the third time. (Yes…I broke the keyboard twice before.)

And it was still running Windows 2000…after an upgrade of the memory and Windows 95.

So, unlike the cat, I decided I needed to replace it. What better time than my 40th birthday.

Speaking of which…

I turned 40 last week. Yadayadayadayada.