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See that big block of text?

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

I despise Safari because of it.

Bother. Babble. Warning. Beware.

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The longer I don’t do a blog entry here, the more pressure I feel to do one.Frankly, I have felt swamped with school starting and football season starting and getting some home projects done before winter actually kicks in. This website is going to change. I keep saying that, and I know it, but I just keep getting busy with other projects. I am leaving Brian wondering. Sorry, man. Bad month for computer stuff.Here are some semi-random thoughts, just so I feel like I wrote something.You never have friends like you do when you were seven.I have known fully one fifth of my Facebook friends since kindergarten or the first grade. And I still worry about them. One of my friends ended up in the hospital this week, and I was actually really, really concerned. Not FB concerned…I mean, like I was concerned concerned. This is someone I met when I was about five, and have had very little contact with after high school 20 years ago.My point being that if I had 500 friends on FB, none of them would mean as much as the 50 friends I do have. I’m a pretty fucking loyal guy. I have chosen my actual friends very wisely over the years. As 40 comes, I am proud of that.Speaking of turning 40…I had better not get a sneak attack. My mid-life crises state couldn’t take it. Seriously…I am just thinking the best thing I can do is find a stranger on the street who doesn’t smell and buy us both tickets to Australia for two weeks for my birthday. Then write about. I actually thought this out.I would just go to the local “wherever people that have no jobs” hang out and interview people; ultimately picking one of them to fly with me to Sydney or Auckland or something. (Probably New Zealand because I’ve done Australia.)What really got me the other day was that a 37-year-old crash victim was described on the news as a “young man.” On the same channel, a 40-year-old murder victim was just “a man.”Speaking of what words mean and say….I am in a funk on my story. Almost 100,000 words later, and it’s awesome. I just don’t like it.Which is kind of like my life right now.I digress.Wait…My life is awesome and I don’t like it.That’s a pretty damned good summary.I’m verklumpt.Stuck.My right and left brain are fighting an epic battle.I digress again.(And no, this isn’t anything strange…I am mostly doing what I have always done with the blog, for those of you that read it regularly, and just free-typing.)You know what I should do?Seriously…my friend Carl reminded me of this the other day when I was mentioning a couple of bands I saw in concert in 1989 and the fact I was clueless that I was watching two music worlds colliding.What I should do is write an autobiography.But I want mine to be fiction.Not because the stuff isn’t true, but because I don’t want to defend how true it actually is in reality. Call it “40 Gump.” Plus, I have realized I’ve started not remembering everything as well as I should. It would just be a memoir of the way I see things over my first 40 years.Actually, that’s not a bad idea.I need a trip to New Zealand to start writing it.

When DISH came to town

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

If all goes well, later today I will have real TV streaming into my office.

Pilar said I needed to wait until the end of the summer to order the $10-a-month addition of a new dedicated DVR receiver. The big thing was that I needed to get moved in and see how things were working.


Whether it’s Sirius channels playing or CNN…I just grove better when I have the noise of the TV in the background.

There is a reality I have to face…for me to write at my best, or do art or photography work, I need a TV on stereo blairing in the background.

Lots of words. Too many words in too many places.

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

My biggest problem my entire professional and academic life has been organization. I know where everything is, it’s just not in any rhyme or reason order other than spatial or visual.

If I know where I put something, that’s where it needs to be. And it should be.

So I wrote a crapload of stuff last week. The problem was I, literally, did it on my different devices. Good stuff, too. The problem is that now I am spending most of my week reconciling everything and filling in the gaps. I’m not going to solve the whole book in a week, but there are 60,000+ words just floating around on various pads and computers. I have to stop and think about which part I was thinking of where and then what device I had when I wrote it. Some of it’s just detailed notes. Some of it is brilliant. It doesn’t matter. It’s like going on a writing binge and then playing CSI to piece it all back together.