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The Delegate Fight

Friday, May 30th, 2008

OK…I need to admit something…I kind of look forward to a convention as entertainment while nearly as many Clinton delegates as Obama delegates descend on Denver. They are going to fight over a bunch of stuff, right up to nominating the VP. For a political wonk, this is pretty cool.

I am getting a little more convinced that Hillary might be angling for VP everyday. I mean, with enough delegates, she could really gum the hell up out of the system during the convention, but only if she suspends the campaign after the last primary and doesn’t admit defeat going to the Mile High City.

Pretty gutsy move if she goes for it. She would be saying she was not going to be POTUS but that I will take all of my delegates to the convention, thank you very much. Then that lets Obama start the general election campaign next week just fine. It’s gutsy because it is both humble and powerful…could she even do it? Seriously…it’s super risky.

Think of Clinton pulling into Denver with all of her earned delegates, and a bunch of people that feel a little sheepish about switching allegiance to Obama.

I kind of think she is going to run to be President of the Senate. And I think she is screwing Obama into a corner, because, if she wants it, she can get a plurality of delegates at the convention for VP.

Hey, I am just just an armchair pundit…not nearly as good as all those people on TV.


Friday, May 30th, 2008

The site that made me giggle on a Friday afternoon today is right here.

I didn’t know that

Friday, May 30th, 2008

Uncontacted tribes still exist.

Question: Is the fact they are pointing arrows at an airplane make them “contacted”?

It’s almost not funny anymore

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008


But I liked the art. I mean, as a pure drawing, it’s good stuff.


Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Two lines I have heard in the last 24 hours that made me laugh…

The first is from Will and Grace, the second was a documentary…

“So, you have to deal with the gay mafia? Or as I like to call them, ‘the really organized mafia.’”

And I think this was on one of those Discovery shows where a guy eats mice for survival or something…

“The manliest men in Alaska are the women.”

Sticky history

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I have been thinking about this a lot, maybe too much lately, but history, the real fun of truth, is a pretty fragile thing.

I was actually playing with my Spanaway theory more tonight, and reading more history books the last few days, and knowing I have a first-person account that it was describing and finger span on a map, it’s more intriguing. Why hasn’t anyone else dug into this at all.

Here’s the problem…I am totally anectdotal evidence because I didn’t do it to record it. I did it because it was just a curiosity that I wanted to satisfy a little. No great David McCollough footnotes…I just think it all fits. A “span” is the length between a thumb and pinky when you spread them out. It fits the maps, it fits the trolley, it fits it all.

But there is a history club someplace, I am sure, that I’d have to prove that to in order to make it “offcial.”


I have always felt that way with the cars. I have been able to meet some of the most amazing people in the history of the automobile in my life, and I have decided that some of them are more accurate than history books. Four times I talked to one famous car person at length about this, and he said something that just hit the nail on the head: “You can’t really prove history because it is just a theory as soon as it’s over.”

Wait…let the gist of that sink in. You can’t prove history…

It’s not technically correct, but I loved the thought.

The Sublime Art of Farting

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Big A has it down.

This is the totally kid-like side of me, but also harmless…I don’t mind getting into farting contests with Big A at home, in private. It sounds crazy, but I grew up in a farty family, and they are kind of fun when dropped with particular acoustical or olfactory exclamation point.

P still kind of sits on them. Fuddy duddy.

Like a soccer, er, football, er, futbol, addict

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

I have to admit I watch a lot of soccer on Spanish-language television. I am actually entertained as I watch more of the teams and get familiar with things over the last couple of years.

I know about 25 percent of what the announcers are saying…but I am convinced American audiences would be much more into the sport if they talked with the ugency the Spanish speaking announcers do for an entire game and then got as pissed off at they do over things. I swear, they could talk about the color of a patch of grass and make it sound like Kruschev was pounding a shoe at the U.N. and nuclear war was imminent. You think I’m kidding…watch one sometime.

But that is the thing…they make it all urgent, urgent, URGENT all the time, time, TIME, until someone scores a goal, goal, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL. And it’s not irritating because they are really keeping track of everyone and everything at 900 MPH. It’s all info that makes your head spin to keep up with it.

Hence my point…a great baseball announcer does about the same thing. When the player in left field picks some grass to check the wind, a great announcer sees it and is your eyes about where the wind blows.

I’m still one that thinks this game is due to be popular as a major league sport someday in the United States.

History Detective

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

So I had have read several conflicting reasons for the name of where I grew up: Spanaway.

Most of them are summed up in the Wikipedia entry. Basically, the main lore is that it is either the measure of a “span” of track at 10 miles, or it’s some Indian word backwards.

But back when I was in junior high I did a whole cultural fair-thing that some 100-year-old guy was interviewed for who had grown up here.

He said it was a “span” after how you would measure a map from the distance between your thumb and forefinger on a map that was an inch-a-mile scale. If you took the tolley car to the lake in the area it would be a “span away.”

Well, I can’t find anything that says a span is 10 miles like the Wikipedia entry, but I can show several definitions that the old guy might have been more on target (even though the dictionary is between thumb and pinky). And shoot, I tape recorded the entire conversation with that guy, and I can’t remember his name (I know he was connected with PLU) or what year he was born, or the tape, but it had to have been early 1880s he was born.

Why do I remember this so well? Because he explained the “span” so vividly by using his thumb and pinky in an, almost, itsy bitsy spider-like way to show that in the early days that was a quick way to measure nine miles.

So this is what I was thinking about today…I talked to someone for a couple hours that was old enough to vote for Theodore Roosevelt and was probably about 20 when the Wright Brothers first flew. I have talked to a lot of amazing old people. He was around before anyone had heard of Henry Ford. My other big thing I remember is that University Place, according to him, got screwed when they gave the University of Washington to Seattle.

That’s quite a span our lives have covered.

Hmmmm…since we’re naming generations

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

I saw a thing on 20-20 tonight about the Millennials. I had never heard that term for people born between 1984 and 2000.

Big A was born in 2000, and I think her group should get a new term…

How about PMSers. Post millennimal sophisticators?

I’m only saying it half joking. She is in a group that never really has to “learn” the technology, or think much about how it’s origins or introductions. It just exists. They just are very, very, very comfortibly handling it and not seeing what most of the fuss is about. Most things are intuitive when it comes to computers and they don’t need to “adopt” much.

How about the I-Generation. Integrated into their lives is HD, digital video, laptops, cell phones and, well, you get the point. Again, something needs to describe the fact that any kid born from 2000 forward just really isn’t all that impressed by stuff from a “how the world works” standpoint.

But I was thinking about this, especially seeing that Big A was so impressed by the tornados and she watches NASA channel with ease, I think her generation could be the over-the-hump-generation in a way. Maybe it’s the generation that takes all these tools we have and does such amazing things with them we can’t even imagine at this point. I mean, think about it: There is the most amazing erector set in the world at their fingertips with almost zero learning curve of how it just is part of life.

When I was eight I was impressed playing pong. When I was 18 I was impressed with a cable TV. When I was 28 I was impressed with a laptop. When I am 38 I am impressed with wireless access. She is eight and she sees science and discovery and pretty much deposits all that technology in her back pocket like it has existed forever, because, in her eight years, it has, actually.

Yeah…I’d vote for the Integrated Generation or Gen I, or something like that.