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Cats and dogs living together!!!!!!

Saturday, April 5th, 2008

That’s my headline when I see dumb stuff on the news.

My latest is alcohol stills and the fact they must all be destroyed in the woods. But the beauty in irony is that meth is killing people in those same areas at 10 times the rate. There is a giant meth problem they can’t stop, so they destroy stills because they are easy to find and wreck. I’m not saying either product is good for the population, but they are spending 10 times the budget on the stills in several states for one-tenth the problems. Register that for a moment. It’s Bill Murray in Gostbusters bizzare.

Voodoo economics. Phantom reasoning. Ghostly budget sighting.

Who you gonna’ call?

I have to admit I’d almost vote for John McCain

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

Really…I would seriously think about it.

But I think he’s got fucking mental problems and nobody wants to say it.

Yeah, yeah, yeah…the angry outbursts and memory lapses…yuckety yuck. They get tossed aside as “passion.”

I also want to say that anyone who did what he did spending five-plus years in a prison chained to a wall is completely heroic. I mean that. Hell, I get screwey in a skyscraper elevator ride.

But…shhhhhhhhhh…how can you be really sane in the, ummmm, clinical sense, after going through that trauma?

Seriously and non-political. I don’t want a POTUS that was that angry once no matter how much he says he’s recovered. I would not expect anyone to have a job into their 70s, let alone be President of the United States full-time, and carry that baggage.

This started out as a good idea…then I got tired of thinking so much about quotes

Saturday, February 16th, 2008

Since I’ve been sick all week, I might be a little grumpy about politics because I have been watching too much of it here and there in a haze…but some observations about this last week in the D race between Clinton and Obama…using movie/TV quotes…

“You see Danny, I can deal with the bullets, and the bombs, and the blood. I don’t want money, and I don’t want medals. What I do want is for you to stand there in that faggoty white uniform and with your Harvard mouth extend me some fucking courtesy.”

The Clintons have turned into Col. Jessup from A Few Good Men, and I like it. They are finally, both, barking back about a national career in politics that wasn’t half bad other than a (maybe) rogue blow job. But the point is that you really can’t say much about them without some courtesy, and that’s where Obama has to be careful. He can’t act like Bonnie Prince Charles too soon. Very, very bad karma for wooing the Superdelegates, because the Clintons deserve some respect.

“Sam, Sam, Sam, do this for me, and I’ll owe you a big, big favor, that doesn’t involve sex, sex, or sex.”

From a Cheers episode I just watched the other night on DVD, but it is Hillary pleading with the Superdelegates. She has some serious chits to chat over with these people since most of them owe their poltical careers and power to President Clinton’s eight years.

“Little boys who play with dolls grow up to be other boys’ roommates.”

Archie Bunker. Best I could think of off hand for a quick post. The point is that politics is a really ugly game, and the fact is the woman, and her husband, will pretty much do anything to kick the shit out of anyone who tries to stop them. People who want to vote democratic need to get a grip on this. We are not in a world where it is all going to be nice between Obama and Clinton, but no matter how either of them does it, by getting the nomination, you will have the best candidate to not just beat McCain but run the country as POTUS.

I have been so frustrated by the people saying that “if we can’t all get along” we might lose to McCain in November. What a pussyfoot approach I have been putting up with for eight years. Shed a little blood into the convention. Make them duke it out by whatever means necessary. Burn the village to save it. Whatever. I’m glad there are all of these new people so interested in politics, especially Ds, but it ain’t all rosy and nicey nice, people. Honestly, I would probably take Clinton pulling this out with all her chits, than Obama getting annointed because all the newbies think he sounds good. The same way I would want Obama after fending off Clinton’s Washington establishment, than Clinton because she was just pre-destined. Either way, they would both be stronger candidates and leaders.

A caucusing we wll go, hi ho the merry-o

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

P was squimish all week about her first caucus.

“Who will see me? Why do I have to tell anyone else who I am going to vote for? I hate dealing with political people.”

All valid points, so it didn’t shock me when we pulled into the local high school in a long line of cars with thousands of other people for the 1 p.m. start and she flatly declared: “I am not going. You just go and I’ll pick you up.”

See, I knew what to expect. In fact, I rode the caucus system so far in 1988, I was a second alternate delegate to the national convention…which basically meant I was treated well at how by the state party, but I didn’t make the travel squad. But I was young and it was fun. I even went to a small dinner hosted by the governor in the mansion and drank champagne and no one carded me…very sneaky cool thing to have done at the time.

Anyway, I made my whole spiel to P about how this is the most fun form of voting. We’ve hid 20 years behind absentee voting and primary systems, and she needs to just try a caucus. Besides, in our state if she wanted to vote for who she wanted and have the vote count, this was the only way to do it.

We caucused as Ds and it was nuts. A whole legislative destrict showed up in one place…all 40 precincts. I mean we’re talking a mass of people. I kind of felt like an old timer though because I had done the whole process at the last one in ’88. I bet there weren’t many of u there who had. It was either people that looked like they hadn’t been born then, or people with gray hair and canes; that’s a harsh way to put it, but you could cut it with a butter knife it was so soft in the middle.

So we found our precinct group and huddled together for about a half an hour to wait for them to tell us where to split up to. Here’s the first striking thing…even though are precinct only covers about four square miles, I had never seen any of these people before in my life.

In fact, it became a contest via txtng between P and I to see how many people we knew total. We ended up with 11 between us…and that’s for the whole district.

So the magic time comes and we all head to the auditorium, which seats about 1,000 and was open to all precincts that had more than 25 voters. We had 27. By this point it becomes more and more obvious that this is going to be an Obama runaway. His campaign even had a precinct captain, which means “uh, oh” for Hillary.

Here’s the way it works…everyone signs in and basically signs an oath and declares for a canididate or uncomitted. That’s round one.

Then, if you’re candidate doesn’t have 15 percent of the total in your precinct, you can be uncomitted or leave.

Everyone was cmmitted.

Obama 18, Clinton 9.

Easy enough.

Then comes round two. You argue and try to get people to switch sides. This is important because it’s all proportional. You get a whole delegate for every whole percent of the people voting in you precinct. Then we all say we are good and sign for a final candidate.

Now, our Hillary group of nine was happy to hear we got three delegates to Obama’s 11. Then chaos. The Obama people knew immediately that if they could get one of us to switch to uncomitted as a final vote, we would only get two delegates. So they started going after our flip flopper possibility who was easily identified. A very yound white woman who was mad it was taking so long to do it.

But here’s the kicker. She actually enjoyed switching just because all the ttention from the 18 Obama people seemed like fun.


So at the last possible moment she took away one of our Clinton delegates.

Democracy can be a pain in the ass.

Now, each group had to elect one county/state delegate and one alternate delegate for each spot. That now meant half of our group of eight had to take four positions. Crap.

So then it got funny. I nominated P to be a delegate. So decided unamiously. I am an alternate.

Although I was practically bleeding irony out of my ears at this point because this was a woman who as hour earlier wasn’t even coming, I have to admit I admire the fact she did it. Everyone should do it one time. I mean, there were people out of those thousands that were honestly bummed because they didn’t get to be a state delegate. The thing I was most proud of is that she doth not protest at all.

Now, even after the caucus there were complaints on talk radio and stuff about how long it took (about two hours) and how complicated the process was (you do have to do more than fill in a dot), I get giddy over it. I really do think that a small part of the process of electing a POTUS should be, well, hard. You should be willing to stand up in a room with your neighbors and declare, at that moment, who you support…even if you change your mind and vote for, say even, a completely different party in November. And, I’ll add to that, those are the cream of the democracy crop, and they made some great points in passionate displays for several candidates. There was even a Richardson person at the next precinct that made me kind of wish I had given round one to him, just so I could stand up and say that if it was about experience and diplomacy in November, he was the obvious choice.

The downside of all this? Four years of invitations and junk mail for our house from the democratic party because we had to give them our address, phone number and an e-mail.

(Which is an interesting point, too…it was clearly *optional* if I wanted to tell them if I was, say, gay, or Asian. But unless you read the fine print on a seperate sheet, it never said a phone number or e-mail was optional. I just thought that was interesting. We just signed up to a giant junk e-mail system for the general election and took ourselves off the do not call list…zombies.)

P is still mad about the young turk that took away a Hillary delegate. She’s got more of this in her, in general, than I think she ants to admit sometimes. SHe’ll never be a big activist, but she is smart enough to know that the goal of the caucus is to get every delegate you can no matter how much you are getting your ass kicked.

The sweet, sweet smell of democracy like the Pilgrims did it.

Pundit musings in the dead of night

Thursday, February 7th, 2008

I admit…I have been terrible talking about the Republican POTUS campaigns because I don’t understand what is wrong with McCain. So I am just sick of trying to figure out what a conservative is these days.

The D’s I get a little bit more, not because I will vote for one in November, but I have done a lot more active sniffing around the edges when it comes to the Clintons and the people around them, or guiding them.

I like Bill Clinton. I am unabashed fan of his as a student of political and national campaign history.

But this will be fun to see if he and Hillary can keep the Super Delegates alive and together and pluck off some states over the next 10 days that Obama should win. The press is going to report on Hillary’s money troubles, but don’t get fooled by that…these campaigns are pay as you go and they are almost even in cash in the bank for right now; it’s not a big deal to bridge loan. Plus, it also shows that he spent a shitload more money than she did to just make it even.

The question is going to be, I think, calling in Super D chits and chats. She thinks she has enough to add a couple hundred to any running total.

The scary thing?

This is planned out. That’s Obama’s problem. I don’t think he has a plan for a long fight, but Hillary does — only she started hers two years ago with the Super Delegates. Whether she has the money for a long fight is a different story.

If there is no majority going into the convention, it’s also not as terrible as some pundits are going to make it (the same way it’s silly to say McCain is more liberal than Clinton!). But I think Clinton wins that battle because of years of getting ready to do it.

This is where experience rubber meets the road. You can call it conniving, strategic, hardheaded…whatever…but Hillary Clinton was thinking this out with a brain trust long before they even announced a campaign. They might deny it, but I’d wink and walk away from any argument someone presented.

A funky called a fireplace

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008


The fireplace here can be a conundrum. I love it and I hate it.

I love it because it’s totally 1970s funky. I hate it because it burns fast and cold. It’s like having a lava lamp…which doesn’t really light anything up, but is pretty to look at for a few minutes.

Not complaining…just that I need to realize its eye candy…mostly.

On to other things:

Is anyone else as pumped for Super Duper Tuesday as I am? OK, I see a few hands in the back, we can work with that. No problem.

Here’s what is going to happen…Romney does very well. Obama does really well. What does that solve…not much of anything. That’s my big prediction for tomorrow…it doesn’t do much of anything. Romney is going to snatch a lot of delegates but not as many as he needs to claim momentum. Obama and Billary are going to have about a 50-50 split in delegates.

It will actually be more fun to see how the networks cover it all.

If it came to number crunching…

Thursday, January 24th, 2008

…how does Washington have more gay legislators than California? And how does New Hampshire have more than both?